About our unique facility and care

Aurora Surgical Center is a State-of-the-Art private Outpatient Surgical Center newly built in Flagstaff. We built this surgical center in-an-effort to help assist the people of Flagstaff- both patients and provides -who are in need of Gold Standard healthcare.

Meet The Team

Our staff is highly qualified as far as medical knowledge is concerned; but they are also caring, compassionate, and friendly. We empathize with our patients and understand that sometimes just nice smile and friendly face can make all the difference. When you become a patient with Aurora you become part of Aurora family.
EmilyFront Office Manager
AjMedical Assistant

Everything you need for
your pain management care

Our ownership team and staff are committed to providing a “patient comes first” environment.

With the boutique and gold standard philosophy of our team, each patient will be scheduled timely and at the patient’s convenience.

We promise to make every effort to sustain the most comfortable environment for each patient’s specific needs.

Finances – Our staff makes every effort to discuss all “money matters” with patients in an open and honest manner.

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